Currently I am taking Expressions of interest for a new Traumatic birth support Group I would love to start. There is support groups for women after a C-section but what if you didn’t have a C-section?  You don’t have to have a C-section to have a negative experience!


  • Did you have a bad birth?
  • Do you describe your birth experience as traumatic?
  • Do you struggle to shake off those bad feelings surrounding your birth?
  • Do you struggle to share your experience?
  • Do people dismiss your feelings?
  • Are you suffering in silence?
  • Would you like a to be surrounded by women that understand, listen and believe that you truly matter and your feelings matter?
  • Would you like to have more children but are petrified to relive this experience?
  • Do you want to do everything possible to do things differently next time if there is a next time?
  • Would you like to be at peace with your experience and heal?

Break your silence on traumatic birth. Trauma can be anything: disappointment, physical and emotional trauma, treated poorly by medical staff, not going the way you planned, being bullied or forced into things, fearing for life, feeling alone… just to name a few the possibilities are endless. I am very sorry for the trauma that you have been through and I would love for you to join a safe and supportive circle of women. You are not alone.

Jocelyn Jane x

If this is something you need in your life please drop me an email today!