Are you searching for more than the standard care?
Are you planning a vbac or birth after Trauma?
Are you trying to do things differently this time round?
Would you like help to navigate the hospital system?
Would you like someone to advocate for you and protect your birth space?

I can bore you with pleasantries and fancy drawn out paragraphs…

but you probably want me to get to the point!

What can I help you with your birth?

What do I have to offer?

I can provide you with tools to
  • navigate the hospital system
  • create a kick ass birth plan
  • rock your birth
  • make informed choices without coercion and fear
  • advocate for yourself
  • deal with pain and fear
  • find the information that you are desperately searching for
  • work through birth after previous trauma
  • work towards your vbac

  • will support you before during and after labour
  • will be on call for the birth of you baby day or night
  • come to you in labour when you need me in the location of your choice
  • will know your wishes and advocate for you if you wish
  • can speak to medical staff on your behalf
  • will provide physical and emotional support without judgement
  • can use light touch massage
  • can assist to get into and stay in a position
  • give you (and your birth partner) the tools to approach birth differently
  • will be whatever you need me to be in that moment
  • will hold and protect your birth space
  • will provide continuity of care
  • will share my knowledge of evidence based birth
  • I will also hook you up with some of the best resources I have found
  • believe in you and your abilities
  • will be your cheerleader
  • can support you during labour with the power of sound (Soundbirth)

My Doula support

continues into early motherhood, as it’s not all about birth. motherhood can be as intense if not more than birth. Your postpartum period is so very important, you should be nourished and cared for. Usually it is life as normal the pressures and expectations are to move on like nothing ever happened. The truth is the majority of new mothers are overwhelmed. I would like to give you the tools to have a blissful postpartum. Full of nourishment, support and sound. After all you have just made and birthed a human you are awesome and should be cared for and celebrated.

I want you and your family to feel safe, loved and supported at this incredible time in your life. I want you to have the best birth possible and to reflect of your birth as a positive experience. Research has shown that women that have a Birth Doula are Less likely to need induction or argumentation of labour, Less likely to have a caesarean, Less likely to use pain medication

More likely to have a positive birth. I want this for you babe!! Xx

For more information please get in touch today xx