Hello I’m Jocelyn Jane, I am a mother of two beautiful children, a Doula and the heart and soul of Lionhearted Birth.

The births of my children and my experiences are why I became a Birth Doula in Perth.

My first birth was a very traumatic experience, I was treated poorly, disrespected, completely dismissed and left feeling alone and terrified. My second birth was amazing, I loved every second of it and could have done it over and over again. So very different but the lessons that I learnt from these experiences and the knowledge I have gained I am truly grateful.

I approached my births in a very different manner and very different mindset. It is utterly amazing the impact that it made on my birth. The first time round I was naive and went with the I will rock up in hospital and “go with the flow” approach. Wow I wish I could go back and slap myself in the face!!! I was bullied into treatment that I didn’t fully understand and ended up with a very difficult birth. My midwives completely dismissed what I said and belittled me. After the birth of my baby I was left physically and psychologically traumatised. (Full birth story to follow.)

childbirth - How it all began- the birth of a baby, Mother and Doula.

Wanting more children I had to try and find a way not to repeat this experience!!!! So I embarked on my epic journey to a healing birth after Trauma.

childbirth - How it all began- the birth of a baby, Mother and Doula.

The second time I had every bit of information that I could get my hands on. I had a kick ass birth plan, and the evidence to back it up. I was however in an awkward position I was scared to birth in hospital and I was scared to birth at home….. All of the other options that I wanted I didn’t qualify for. So hospital it was. I searched high and low for something that was missing, I needed a professional support person… That is when I discovered Doulas (I had no idea what they were but it was exactly what I was looking for).

The antenatal visits with her were amazing she helped to restore my faith in my body and confirm a lot of what I had been looking into. She was also going to be my rock and advocate in hospital exactly what I needed. I never made it to the hospital and had an accidental home birth at the bottom of the driveway in ambulance (I wouldn’t have changed a thing, I would not suggest this as a great birth plan idea but it was perfect for me in that moment). I did it!!! I got the birth I wanted it was not to plan what so ever but it was the best experience of my life!!! Every time I think of the birth of my son it fills every part of me with Joy and brings back all the amazing feelings. (Full birth here.)

childbirth - How it all began- the birth of a baby, Mother and Doula.

The birth of my son was not only his birth, it was the birth of me as his mother and me as a Doula.

I did it, I was on top of the world. I achieved my healing, positive and enjoyable birth that everyone told me I couldn’t have. I know I’m not alone birth trauma is growing every day and very little is being done about it. I am breaking that silence. I love preventing trauma and the opportunity to create unique positive birth experiences for first time mums centered around her and her needs. However, my heart is pulling me to healing birth after trauma, having that opportunity makes my heart explode. I know how very much it means to you. Birth can be beautiful, in any setting, in any way and knowledge, love, support and respect are the building blocks for healing positive birth.

Big Smiles
Jocelyn Jane xx