My love and passion is what drives me

Jocelyn Jane Birth Doula Perth


I have dedicated my life to supporting mothers during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

It warms my heart supporting women and partners through their unique birth.

I have two beautiful children with very different birth stories from a traumatic first birth to an incredible healing second birth.

I am officially a birth junkie, I loved every minute of my healing second birth and can’t wait to do it again.

I have so many things to share with you.

I’ve turned my love for helping others, birth and early motherhood into my heart centered job.

Built on taking your uniques self and crafting your birth with you.

So, I’m here to enrich your life and support through this amazing journey.


•a pregnant woman

•needs help navigating their journey to birth

•Know what you want and would like someone to support all the way.

•Maybe fear birth and pain

•Searching for a positive experience

•Keen to learn and ready to take charge in your birth

•want to feel supported without judgement

•trying not to repeat a past birth trauma

•want to learn how to navigate the hospital system

•are planing a vbac

•searching for continuity of care


•Jocelyn Jane

•Mother of 2

•Talented Doula Queen, and birth junkie

•SoundBirth Doula

•advocate for birth choices

•understands the hospital system

•nurture new mothers, help you become the mother you want to be

•able to provide tools for positive healing birth

•offers continuity of care and compassion without judgement

•Many inspirational women have influenced and shaped me to the person I am today.


•we’ll  create your birth plan so brilliantly.

•we’ll craft a villiage of support for your journey into motherhood.

•we’ll create a positive and calm birth space.

•we’ll navigate the hospital system.

•we’ll journey to your positive birth.

•we’ll create a supportive and nourishing early motherhood plan, you are as important as your new baby.

•we’ll position you on the path to an amazing healing, positive birth and early motherhood.

•we’re going to create your unique birth.

•you will birth you baby your way.