How do I view birth? Powerful. Magical. Transformative.


I have dedicated my life to supporting others during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

All three of my births have been so different, yet all equally powerful & the most incredible days of my life! My greatest wish is for all women to feel like I did after giving birth, even when birth doesn’t go to plan (as my first birth certainly didn’t!).

Like many women today, before having my own children, I had many fears about birth. Most of these fears had come from other people’s ‘horror stories’ as well as the message society gives us today, that birth is risky and women must be helped or saved from the whole process! But I have always loved natural medicine & believe our bodies have amazing self-healing abilities when given the right environment to thrive. So deep down I could see I truly believed birth was a ‘normal’ physiological process…and so my research on everything ‘birth’ began!

I am so grateful that I knew the benefits of independent childbirth education, hiring a doula & having a known midwife during my first pregnancy as together this pulled me through the intensity of a hospital induction back labour with only gas & air!

I studied the Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM program during my second pregnancy & was completely blown away by the results. Listening to the self-hypnosis tracks each night before bed in my third trimester completely put my mind at ease. Then during my surges, the breathing & visualisation techniques were so effective that I did not experience any ‘pain’ at all until transition…my midwife almost missed the birth!

Educating women so they too can face their fears & step into their power during pregnancy & birth is what fires me up most in life, and I am so honoured to be walking this path.

I have so many things to share with you.

I’ve turned my love for helping others, birth and early motherhood into my heart centered job.

Built on taking your unique self and crafting your birth with you.

So, I’m here to enrich your life and support you through this amazing journey.


•a pregnant woman

•needs help navigating their journey to birth

•Know what you want and would like someone to support all the way.

•Maybe fear birth and pain

•Searching for a positive experience

•Keen to learn and ready to take charge in your birth

•want to feel supported without judgement

•trying not to repeat a past birth trauma

•want to learn how to navigate the hospital system

•are planing a vbac

•searching for continuity of care


•Sarah Brooks

•Mother of 3

•Fertility, Pregnancy & Birth Doula

•Acupuncturist & Herbalist

•advocate for birth choices

•understands the hospital system

•nurture new mothers, help you become the mother you want to be

•able to provide tools for positive healing birth

•offers continuity of care and compassion without judgement

•Many inspirational women have influenced and shaped me to the person I am today.


•we’ll create your birth plan so brilliantly.

•we’ll craft a village of support for your journey into motherhood.

•we’ll create a positive and calm birth space.

•we’ll navigate the hospital system.

•we’ll journey to your positive birth.

•we’ll create a supportive and nourishing early motherhood plan; you are as important as your new baby.

•we’ll position you on the path to an amazing healing, positive birth and early motherhood.

•we’re going to create your unique birth.

•you will birth your baby your way.